About us

We are a unique boutique food rub company based in West Auckland, NZ.

Mama Lows Voodoo Rubs is the brain child of Anna Low. Growing up in a travelling theatre restaurant combined with her hobby of people watching gave Anna a view of peoples tastes and habits. She learnt that people that ate certain foods, liked certain drinks and she could narrow it down to 5 styles. She is supported by her husband of 25years Dave, who has a passion for classic cars and paddock racing. Dirt Track Dave has his own dirt track, and for the last 20 years has attended the Kumeu Classic car show.  While wandering around the car show 3 years ago the BBQ came to town. How Anna was received and treated by the BBQ community was the catalyst for the food rubs you see on this website. It came at the perfect time, Anna and Dave were both not getting any younger, and were looking for opportunities for them to combine their talents and passion and founded a company where they could travel to car and horse shows, and share their love of good, healthy, easy to cook food. 

These rubs are not your usual rub. They are not designed to be slathered all over your food, and they are most certainly not just for meat!  They are a unique blend of spices created, and tested by people just like you. People who are tired of buying cheap processed food, and not having enough time to cook what's good for us.  Not everyone was lucky enough to be raised around exceptional cooks and chefs, and be able to take advantage of it. We are wanting to share our knowledge, how to cook good healthy easy food, and how to do it on a budget. 

Anna is allergic to artificial preservatives, so none are in these blends, there is also no sugar, so Keto friendly.

There is no gluten either. 

A FODMAP blend has also been trialed and is available on request.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we appreciate you taking the time.